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Ankara Mayor Gokcek to submit resignation on Saturday 22:00
“The West did kill and is still killing, from the age of seven to 70" - Erdogan 21:49
Macron's dog interrupts meeting - NO COMMENT + VIDEO 21:30
Turkey to spend $50M on supporting Rohingya refugees 20:56
US apologizes for refusing Indonesian army chief entry 20:15
Over 340 migrants held in Turkey 19:20
Georgia’s prime minister to visit Azerbaijan 18:34
Iraqi prime minister to visit Turkey on Wednesday 17:20
Mayor of Turkey’s western Bursa province resigns 16:54
"Europe died in Bosnia and was now buried in Syria" - Erdogan 15:44
Turkey: 13 get heavy life sentences over coup bid 15:01
US sec. of state restates commitment to Afghanistan 14:22
Russia calls for 'dialogue' between Baghdad, Erbil 13:26
Novruz Mammadov: "There are enough moments in Europe that can be a source of separatism" 09:27
Trump: Facebook was on Clinton's side during election, not mine 02:46
Turkey waits for US extradition of Gulen, says minister 01:42
Azerbaijani currency rates for October 23 00:36
Galatasaray - Fenerbahce derby - RESULT 23:31
President of the Pan-African Parliament Roger Nkodo Dang arrives in Azerbaijan 21:39
US state secretary meets Saudi king in Riyadh 20:34
A soldier of Azerbaijan's army Jabbar Zeynalov died - MOD 17:23
OPEC doesn’t control oil market, says secretary general 09:00
Russia 'backdates' import of Turkish tomatoes to Nov. 1 08:23
Hollywood Turkish Film Fest 'fulfills long-held dream' 07:16
Five PKK terrorists killed in southeast Turkey 06:21