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Turkey: Breathtaking suspension footbridge draws crowds

A 350-meter-long (1,148-foot) suspension footbridge has become the focus of attention in Andirin district of Turkey’s southern Kahramanmaras province.

Besides being drawn to its historical and natural beauty, local and foreign tourists are also flocking to Andirin to cross the extraordinary footbridge, which was built by the local municipality to connect the two sides of the district.

Visitors take souvenir photos on the bridge while enjoying a view of the valley.

“We conceptualized the project four years ago and it took six months to apply. On its abuttals at both ends are four towers in the shape of minarets. It is for pedestrians primarily, but cars can also cross, as it’s 2,5 meters (around 8 feet) in width,” said Andirin Mayor Baki Tezcan.

"Our bridge is attracting great attention. With its nature, Andirin is like the Black Sea of our region. We aim to make our district a center of attraction for the Mediterranean and even Turkey. In addition to our natural beauty, historical castles also attract tourists' attention," Tezcan said.

“The bridge can support 1,200 tons of weight and was built on a 100-meter deep valley,” he added.