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Nikki Haley shielding Saudi prince amid ongoing murder case

Jamal Khashoggi’s killing will have consequences, opening the eyes of a couple hundred million people more about what real politics actually is.

If those, who do this policy, think that no one cares and people will swallow it, they are deeply mistaken. This gun is sure to shoot back, and it is not known when and who will shoot it.

No one has long since been worried about the reputation of Saudi Arabia. The fight is for the Crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), and everyone in this game has their own interests.

US President Trump did not want to listen to the audio recording of the murder of the journalist (probably no one would want to), but decided to protect the interests of Saudi Arabia for the sake of the interests of his own country.

Quite right are those who say that if it was another country, far less important for the United States, Tomahawks and cruise missiles would be flying up there now.

The role of the Crown prince in the murder of the journalist, as well as how to build further relations with the Kingdom, if it turns out that he is directly involved in it – those are the big questions that today haunt everyone.


US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, without irony, is a truly wise woman. She invented a new kind of responsibility that needs to be written into a law encyclopedia, saying that MBS is “technically responsible for the journalist’s murder.”

Who could explain the difference between “responsible” and “technically responsible”?

I probably got it. If it had been said “bring him here” or “please, tell him to come home”, it would have been regarded as “technically responsible”, but if MBS had said “bring him here dead or alive” or “kill him and bring me his head”, then he would have been considered as “directly responsible.”

The investigation is allegedly in progress, and the question is why Ms. Haley is trying to get MBS off the hook in advance.

“Technically responsible”, to me, means that he has never thought all this deal could possibly lead to actual murder.

The US administration, Haley added, must resolve this issue without “having to choose between its interests and its values,” referring to the US President Donald Trump’s arms deals with the kingdom, Reuters reported.

I believe the Administration, even if it runs counter to the US national interests, will have to make this choice. When the blood is spilled, there's no easy way out.